Why we love tattoos.

We get tattoos to remember… where we came from, what to live by, who we’ve loved.

We get them BECAUSE we love, and so we don’t forget to be good to each other… because sometimes we need a reminder, and people can be mean to us; you’re gonna wanna scare them some times.

People will look at you all inked up and expect you to be a certain way… show them something they didn’t expect.

Life is full of pain; most of it we didn’t ask for, it just… happened to us. So when we choose to feel pain, there’s a very good reason for it.

Whether we’ve been planning our tattoos for 5 years or 5 seconds… tasteful, noble, beautiful.

Whether the tattoo tells the story of a lifetime or just one crazy night… we took control ,we paid the money, we stepped up to that counter and said: I want this… on me… FOREVER.

We made the choice. What will your choice be?

‘Thirty, flirty, and thriving’ dicen…

Este año no tengo una genial foto de todos los que me acompañaron a celebrar mis 30 años pero puedo decirles que la compañía fue genial. Amigos de hace más de 15 años, amigos recientes; personas importantes, personas que quiero. Tampoco tuve un dulce de cumpleaños pero la pasé bien y  con eso basta.

So, aquí estoy.  Estos últimos días me la he pasado tirando línea y sacando insights de, por lo menos, los últimos 15 años. Es bastante. Bastante para reír, para llorar, para añorar. ¿Arrepentimientos? Muy pocos. Me siento bien y es lo que importa. Al fin caigo en cuenta que tengo esa paz y ese balance que hace unos años atrás no encontraba.

Sé que aún tengo un par de batallas que librar y alguno que otro capítulo que cerrar pero tengo mil formas de decir que sé que todo irá bien…~

Ahí vamos.

25 Rules for Moms with Sons

by Tabitha Studer

After a mostly fruitless search for “rules” for mothers with sons (and a particularly hard momma day), I was inspired to write my own list to remind myself of what’s important, especially during those days that being a mom to an ever- squirming, ever-curious boy is both challenging and exhausting. Granted, my list will not be conclusive and may not be entirely uncontroversial. So agree, or disagree, or take with a grain of salt – but I hope to inspire other moms who are loving, and struggling, and tired, and proud, and eager to support the boys in their lives. You are the most important woman in his life, his first teacher, and the one he will look to for permission for the rest of his life. From “Can I go play with them?” to “Should I ask her to marry me?” It’s a big job, but as the mumma, we’re up for it.

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Carta de una madre a su hija

Mi querida hija,
el día que me veas vieja, te pido por favor que tengas paciencia, pero sobre todo trata de entenderme.

Si cuando hablamos, repito lo mismo mil veces, no me interrumpas para decirme “eso ya me lo contaste”, solamente escúchame por favor y recuerda los tiempos en que eras niña y yo te leía la misma historia, noche tras noche hasta que te quedabas dormida.

Cuando no me quiera bañar, no me regañes y por favor no trates de avergonzarme, solamente recuerda las veces que yo tuve que perseguirte con miles de excusas para que te bañaras cuando eras niña.

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37 life lessons to teach your children

1. Don’t let a day go by without doing something for someone else. It’s as easy as holding the door for someone. It makes them happy and makes you happy too.

2. When you’re in your twenties – you’re still learning and growing. You’ll understand in your 30′s.

3. Invite the new kid to sit with you on the bus or eat with you at lunch.

4. Be creative! You grew up with a mom wielding a glue gun and a dad who constructed Lego creations and drew you pictures.

5. Be passionate about your job. You don’t have to keep the same one the rest of your life, but like what you do.

6. We all have to do the grunt work sometimes. It doesn’t matter how educated you are or how much money you have.

7. Be active in your own life. Don’t let it pass you by.

8. Dumb actions early in life can alter your ability to get the job you’d like in the future.

9. Go on vacation with your family at least once a year. Families need to learn how to vacation with one another.

10. Always send thank you notes (that you’ve written).  Continue reading